Sympathy Resources:

Appropriate Flower Colors - Which colors should you use for occasions of sympathy?

Arranging Services - In the tragic event of a death, this will help you know what arrangements need to be made.

Balloons - What to say on a sympathy balloon gift

Biblical Sympathy Quotes - Some quotes from the Bible, which can offer hope and inspiration.

Condolence Etiquette - The right things to do to offer condolence.

Condolence Money - The gift of money as a gesture of condolence.

Flowers - Fast, simple, and easy ways to send flowers.

Flower etiquette - Tips on flower choices, sending

Gifts for Men - Often times Men enjoy something small and useful.

Gifts (Unique) - Thinking outside of the box with a unique gift can help to get someone's mind off of a sad event.

Heartfelt Condolence - Four ways of expressing your condolence.

Inspirational - A positive and warm though to cheer up your day.

JFK's Sympathy Letter - President Kennedy's Letter, and it's value in sympathy

Kosher Sympathy Baskets - Kosher sympathy baskets are the perfect gift to give for the Jewish shiva.

Letter Writing Tips - Quick advice to improve your letter.

Memorials- Eulogies and online memorial websites for a loved one.

Obama's Sympathy Letter- President Obama's Letter, and it's value in sympathy.

Poems - Poetry can be a source of comfort. Use sympathy poems to assist you in expressing your condolences.


    Condolence - Words to help loved ones get through difficult times.

    Sympathy - Quick quotes to express sympathy or condolence to someone.

SMS - For sending short sympathy messages via text or Twitter.

Sympathy Basket - A basket can help to cheer someone up in a time of need.

Sympathy Sayings for Cards - Use our sympathy sayings for your cards. We hope you find them helpful.

Things You Should NOT Say in a Letter - Need we say more? (or, less)

Verses - A collection of inspirational sympathy verses and poems to share.

Wreaths - One of the most appropriate offerings to show one's love and support.


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