Sympathy and Condolence Letters:

Condolence Examples - Words of comfort in a religious letter and words of comfort in a non-religious letter.

Condolence Message Sample - Here is a sample of a condolence message that you can use. You can alter the message to suit your particular situation.

Divorce - Those close to you can be very sensitive following a divorce.

Eulogy Funeral Speech - Advice on how to write the proper eulogy speech.

Farewell Letter - A Sample letter for when you are leaving a job.

Game Loss - It may be very important to the person who lost the game, or competition, for a variety of reasons.

Illness - Sympathy Words for those you know who are experiencing illness.

Job Loss: Words of Sympathy - In these economic times, many people are finding themselves out of work.

Loss of a Best Friend - no words can help relieve sadness from the loss of a best friend; writing a letter may help to shed light during this tragic time

Loss of a Child - For a very sensitive and difficult time.

Loss of a Grandparent (Words of Sympathy) - Often the best words for a loss of a grandparent differ from works of sympathy in other situations.

Loss of a Parent - Sample letters to provide the proper condolence for the tragic loss of a parent.

Loss of a Home - several things can lead to homelessness. This is the time that family and friends need to come together for help and support.

Messages of Sympathy - Use our messages of sympathy in your cards or letters. We offer a variety of different examples and short messages here.

Not Accepted to a School - Help a friend get through the difficulty of a rejected school application.

Pet Loss - Examples of what you might want to say in a card. Also you may want to read loss of Pet Quotes to get ideas.

Sample Letter (Sympathy Condolence) - Use our sample condolence letter to help you express your sympathy. It also includes an optional paragraph if you can't be with the person who is grieving.

Sympathy Cards:

    Writing Card (How to) - General rules on ways to write sympathy cards.

    Sayings for Cards - Use our sympathy sayings for your cards. We hope you find them helpful.

Words of Condolence - A sample letter to use to express your words of condolences. We hope you find the words in this sympathy letter useful and it helps you express the thoughts and words you are feeling.

Words of Comfort for Sympathy - An example of words of comfort to express and offer your sympathy for someone who was a good friend to you.


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