Sympathy Definitions

The simple definition of sympathy is feeling sorrow or concern for someone else's misfortune. Understanding what a person is going through during their difficult phase is the simplest form of sympathy that you can show to others.

Along with this respecting a person's personal space and condition during a tough time is also a form of sympathy that everyone should have within. The best way to showcase whether you sympathize with someone or not is by your words.

The way you speak and the way you act in front of someone showcases the true sense of concern that you may have for a particular individual. So the next time when you are trying to sympathise with someone make sure that your words and actions are calculated and in moderation point.

Imagine a friend of yours has lost a family member and you are supposed to sympathize with the situation. So whenever you meet them do not go all chirpy and happy rather keep control of your emotions and ask them how they are doing and if they need anything.

You should also convey your sorry for their misfortune so that they realise that you are deeply sympathetic about the event. Also ask them if you can help in any which way whether it is for household work or taking care of the babies. Making yourself useful in such a situation will allow you to experience their true pain and feeling.

Along with this you can also provide additional support by helping them plan a funeral or a prayer meeting so that the family gets time to cope with their loved ones loss. Rather than being busy with all the work that comes after the death of someone close.